Pi Society Bristol and Bath


About Tracey Duke

Tracey joins the team this Autumn to launch & develop Pi Society within Bristol & Bath, two exciting new areas for us.

With a wealth of experience, this former magazine editor is an accomplished, passionate & intuitive interviewer, endlessly curious about those she works with. Her ability to establish trust, confidentiality, and discretion allows her to connect at a core level with clients, ensuring a deep understanding of their needs.

Her work has led her into the trust of countless high-performers from across the world and you can catch up with those interviews on her podcast Dare to Dream.

If you are considering coaching, as an ICF-trained and guided coach, Tracey uses a blend of positive psychology and neuroscience to deliver substantially life-changing results.

“Joining Pi-Society is such an exciting & very natural next step for me. I’m insatiably curious and a hopeless romantic, wholeheartedly believing that genuine, soul-mate love is within reach for us all. I’m sure of it & I will go to every length to prove it to those I work with.

I’m honoured to be able to build on the solid platform Nicky has created. It’s a beautiful time to be looking for a new relationship and I look forward to supporting you on your journey to finding your soul-mate.”

Please do contact Tracey if you have any questions or queries and they would love to help you.


Contact us at: info@pisociety.co.uk

Or call us on 0330 088 7280