Complimentary Coaching Sessions with Tracey Duke

Complimentary Coaching Sessions with Tracey Duke

Following the release of part two of our podcast on mindset, we are currently offering both our current and new clients a one-hour complimentary pure coaching session with mindset coach Tracey Duke.

Through private 1:1 sessions, via zoom, Tracey creates the space to work with you to powerfully break through & let go of limiting beliefs that are holding you back and no longer serving you.

As much as we might like to think otherwise, the reality is that being free of the logistical ties of a previous relationship does not guarantee you’ll change your mindset around them. You’re not suddenly going to show up in a new relationship as a different person, with new beliefs, if you haven’t done the work beforehand.

You may leave the relationship behind, but you will always take yourself with you, and that includes both your positive and negative experiences of it.

And then, when you do put yourself back out there and open your heart again, you will likely face rejections, setbacks, and the occasional broken heart.

What matters is how quickly you bounce back and the lessons you take from each encounter.

It is always your mindset, first and foremost, that will affect the way your relationships play out.

Doing the work ahead of time to get your mindset in the strongest place, gives you the best possible chance of success.

Tracey works to the ICF codes of conduct and ethics, which means your sessions with her are 100% confidential.  Her sessions will challenge your thinking, open blind spots and transform your relationships.

You can check out her interview on the Learn to Love Podcast here –

Find out more about her work here –

Book your session here –


These complimentary sessions are available throughout the summer months through to 31st September 2021, one per client. 



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