Finding Love as a Woman Over 50

Mairi Macleod, Ph.D

I’m a behavioural biologist and dating consultant and I specialise in helping women over 50 find the man they need, using a science-based approach.

We older women have a special set of obstacles to deal with but also some great advantages when it comes to relationships and finding a good partner – it’s a fabulous stage of life to be in!

But there’s really not much advice out there for ‘women of a certain age’. This is why I’ve chosen to focus my energies on helping women in this life stage and through my research and experience I’ve built up a strong expertise to deliver the best guidance for you.

I’m very familiar with the challenges that we post-reproductive women face: I myself spent several years trying to negotiate the older dating scene but just kept going for the wrong men, over and over.

Eventually though I began to realise, given I’ve spent the last 15 years researching and writing on human behaviour, that I should take a more scientific approach!

So I started applying my knowledge of the biology and evolutionary psychology of mate choice and dynamics to my relationship decision-making, with the result that I’m now happily married to a wonderful man. If I’d stuck with my old ways of finding relationships I’d never have given him a chance and wouldn’t have discovered what a total gem he is!

I can help you to do what I’ve done. If you’d like to have a one-to-one chat with me over video-link I can seriously improve your chances of finding a fantastic partner by helping you to:

  • Stop wasting time on men who aren’t good relationship material
  • Identify the kind of man you can be yourself with and can grow with
  • Find the right kind of man sexy
  • Feel confident in your own worth, attractiveness, and uniqueness
  • Understand which men are a good match for you so that you can attract one, be attracted to him, feel confident that you can keep him, and be happy to stay with him in a rewarding and secure relationship.

For more information, to contact me, and to download my free e-book “5 Science-Based Ways to Find the Man You Need” please visit my website.