Pi Singles “Creative Kinesiology” Evening


February 26


07:30 pm - 09:30 pm

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Pi Society

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Hotel du Vin Exeter

Magdalen Street, Exeter, EX2 4HY

Exeter, England, GB, EX2 4HY

Join us on Wednesday 25th February for an evening to learn more about Creative Kinesiology with Zara Rogers.

Discover what will support your body, mind and soul within a Creative Kinesiology session. Creative Kinesiology is a branch of kinesiology which helps you communicate with your body using muscle-testing.

Creative Kinesiology may support you if you:

  • have an ongoing problem that doesn’t seem to resolve

  • difficulties in your relationships

  • are unhappy with your job

  • don’t know who you are anymore

  • don’t know what you want from your life

  • are interested in preventing ill health

  • would like to live your life to the full, if you only know how!

Rediscover your authentic self, feel more confident, satisfied and in control of your own destiny. Make choices that support you and your loved ones. Become your own best friend.


It’s easy to forget how wise our bodies are – many of us are busy with our very full lives and we just don’t have the time to be ill, let alone to rest, or find time to be still and listen to the messages from our body. Yet, if all our life’s experiences are held somewhere within our body, is it any surprise that sometimes we may feel sluggish or blocked in someway? These blockages can show up as any kind of discomfort, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, stress, aches and pains, digestive difficulties, low energy and can often have a detrimental impact on our relationships and life in general.

With Creative Kinesiology, we can track your problem, discover why it is there and, from our wide array of techniques available, find what will make the difference to you. We use muscle biofeedback (muscle-testing) – a chiropratctic method – as a way to do this tracking and talk to your body. We also include bodywork techniques that originate in chiropractic work, and energy work from Ancient Chinese Medicine.

As a Creative Kinesiology practitioner, I am extremely well trained. I have spent many years getting to know myself using this wonderful tool of muscle-testing and, although it hasn’t always been easy, I feel more enriched and I have found the courage to live ‘my’ life and be my authentic self…mostly! I add ‘mostly’ because it is a journey and I continue to discover more about myself.

I don’t think that being a human being is an easy task. We can be complicated and complex, and when we are exposed to terrifying stories of sadness, trauma and bad news from instant media coverage, it can be a challenge to live a full and happy life, when we are bombarded with challenging news. However, I believe that we can make a difference to this world, by starting the change within us and allowing that change to ripple out around us. You may be surprised by the immediate beneficial effects.




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