Pi Singles On-line yoga evening with Mitch


January 12


06:00 pm - 07:15 pm

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Pi Society

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Join us for a wonderful evening of yoga with Mitchyoga – Strengthen, Stretch and Relax
– on-line.

Mitch Yoga – Stretch, Strengthen and end Relax

Mitch will be running weekly Zoom Yoga classes which will include elements of Ti Chi, Qigong and other disciplines which will get you fit and healthy on every level. The class will also include Breath work to energise and improve immune system and healing . Finishing with Mindfulness relaxation techniques to calm and settle the mind and body, leaving you energised, strengthen and stretched and at the same time relaxed and peaceful and calm. May even create a state of bliss where everything feels great.

These classes are suitable for all, including newcomers and up to intermediate level.

Variations will be given to ensure all levels are safely catered for and maximum benefit is achieved.

Come along and give it a go and see if it meets your needs.

Everything to gain and nothing to loss.

Yoga is now considered an extremely beneficial exercise method that offers so much more. It is recognised and seen as one of the best exercise systems and a total body workout, accessible to all ages and levels of fitness.

About the Mitch

Mitch is a mature male, ex Military and Project Manager in Building Facilities and the last 15 years Yoga teacher; how diverse is that. He has recently moved to Devon to be close to family where he has been renovating a barn. Now this project is nearing completion Mitch is keen to start some new classes.

He is a fully qualified and experienced teacher who has been doing yoga 25 years and teaching very successfully, running his own studio and holidays around the world.

He brings his own style of yoga, which is fun and rewarding. Classes are gentle and restorative but surprisingly powerful and will help you get fit and healthy on every level. An element of the class includes breath work, to help fuel and energise the body, and Mindfulness to calm the mind.

Mitch never considered Yoga but came to It at 40 having experienced some serious injury’s including Fractured Pelvis, Ribs, Dislocations Nerve damage caused from Rugby, Military duties and Building accidents. All these injuries resulted in significant pain, stiffness and mobility issues. Yoga quickly helped with recovery, rejuvenation and getting on happily and successfully with life.


Some of the many benefits are Improved strength and flexibility, increased energy levels and core stability, better posture and balance. Many students have indicated it also gives them a positive outlook on life with a sense of peace and calmness and even joy and happiness.

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