How self care can improve your chances to date

Human beings are fascinating creatures! We have an amazing ability to heal (mentally and physically)

Every cell in our body is innate intelligent with a built-in system that repairs and heals our body.

Did you know for example that you have around 1.6 trillion skin cells?

Did you also know that you lose 1 million every 24 hours?

Our skin constantly replaces and renews itself!

You are a bundle of cells, all working in perfect harmony, trying to heal you 24 hours a day. Never going on holiday, never going to sleep, always looking out for you. Can you say the same looking after your body?

Have you ever thought about your body in that way? I am sure most of you did not. And how would you, you don’t know what you don’t know.

There is so much more going on in your body, a constant support.

Every pain in your body is a scream for help.

Every swelling is a way to protect your joints from to much movement.

Every fever is a reaction of your body doing it’s thing, HEALING!


We are conditioned to think that the answers to our health and well-being are external.

That people, circumstances and events are responsible for the way we experience life;


My work is making me really stressed!

I am unhappy because I don’t have a partner!

If I have a partner I will be happy!

When I drink that glass of wine I will feel better!

When I go on my next holiday the world will be ok again!


We go to the Doctor to give us a name for our discomfort and pass on to him/her full responsibility over the body we live in.


When we have the education of how to best support, this amazing body we live in and we most of all understand ourselves and our relationship to food and eating, we open the possibility to invite healthier choices into our lives.


All your answers are within! When we learn to listen.


I invite you to sit still for a moment.

Listen, what can you ear around you?

Can you hear the birds in the trees, the car driving past or maybe yourself breathing or your own heartbeat?

What can you hear when your mind gets quiet?

Not listening to what someone else is saying or what you where reading and is working for someone else.


But listen within!


What is it that YOU need in this given moment.

Don’t question it, don’t revaluate, or judge it in any form.


What was first entering your mind?


Listening to that…… you have all the answers!


Take time for yourself.

Stop reading,

turn of the tv,

take your headphones out,

open your eyes,

open your mind,

open your heart.


Get completely caught up in life!

Put the blanked over your head,

binge watch,

eat chocolate,

drink a nice wine,

read till late in the night!


DON’T LISTEN to everyone else,


But LISTEN to what YOU need ENJOY & EMBRACE and most of all



Paola Royal

077153 10920

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