How to deal with Loneliness

Nicky Dunn spoke to James Preece this week to talk about loneliness and learning how to deal with loneliness and start meeting more people?

According to a January 2020 survey of 10,000 Americans ages 18 and over conducted by Cigna, 61 percent of adults three in five reported they are lonely. That number has only grown larger since the pandemic.

In this episode, James is joined by Nicky Dunn. Nicky is the founder of Pi Society – a professional Matchmaking Agency in Devon

Together, they discuss topics such as:

  • Why are we so lonely?
  • Does online dating make things worse?
  • Where can you start meeting new people?
  • Can singles events really work?
  • What steps can you take to stop being lonely today ?

Nicky’s top tips for Loneliness:

  1. Allow yourself to be lonely

Do things that you enjoy, by yourself. Often, the act of being kind to yourself and loving yourself helps ease loneliness.

  1. Remember you’re not alone in your loneliness

Other people are probably feeling lonely too. Reach out – text a friend, ask them how they are, ask if they’re struggling. You can admit that you’re struggling, or that you’re lonely, and you’d love a chat.

  1. Know that loneliness isn’t something to feel ashamed of

All over the world people are struggling at the moment. This is a great chance to be open and allow ourselves to express some of our vulnerabilities, because so many others are dealing with the same problems.

  1. Find what works for you
  • There are small, practical things I’ve found really help me when I’m struggling with loneliness:
  • Turning on a radio first thing when I wake up so I hear voices and I feel connected to the world
  • I always have a book on the go, so there’s a world I can retreat to with people in it
  • I watch old TV shows – ones I used to enjoy, or know really well. It brings me comfort, being surrounded by familiar characters and plot-lines
  • Going outside, walking or running, playing with animals (stroke a cat! Pet a dog!).

James also gives his top dating expert tips on how to truly overcome loneliness and start living your life.

Listen here.

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  1. Colin Winstanley
    Colin Winstanley says:

    Good on you Nicky for doing a podcast like this and reaching out to a wider audience. I have experienced loneliness over the past couple of months as my last relationship ended abruptly and unexpectedly. However, even with my resilient nature I did find it a difficult period and was so grateful for certain key people helping me through this. Your discussion really homes in on the key points that can affect us all at certain times, and I know that this has affected me at certain key points in the past, even during a relationship. Your points are spot on to help someone into the ‘bouncing back’ and ‘freedom’ periods of the growth phase which is essential to achieve the ‘personal freedom’ stage of shedding excess baggage and moving on.


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