Pool Membership


There are two ways to pay:

Pay with GoCardless

You can pay the one off £62.50 using our GoCardless link.

Pay with Paypal:

Or you can pay £62.50 through our Paypal link, which accepts all major debit and credit cards.

We understand that some people don’t want to commit to having a personal matchmaker and we would like to bring you a service, where we can meet with you and create your profile and be placed into our Pool Membership. 

A consultation fee of £62.50 with no on-going costs

  • Interviewed in depth and face to face by one of our Personal Dating Consultants to understand what makes you tick and create a Personal Profile. The consultation will take approximately one hour.
  • No guaranteed dates per month
  • If we have matched you with a potential partner, we will suggest different meeting places and will also include arrangement of the meeting.
  • You will be put into a pool of potential suiters on our database