Walk your way to love!

The UK’s most popular garden walk dates

We have spent a lot of time indoors recently and getting out into nature has been our way of surviving the challenges we have faced. Now we can meet with someone from a different household again and begin that dating process; going on a date walk is the perfect option. Fortunately, in the UK, there are many, many places you can go that are perfect for connecting and conversing. With over 250 parks and gardens and more than 2500 miles of National Trails, there is so much to see.

If you are sold on the idea of a romantic walk as a potential date, here are some places that you might want to try.


If you have ever been to the Cotswolds, then you know that it is a stunning part of the country. Everywhere you look, something is stunning to behold. Stourhead is a landscaped garden that comes out as the most beautiful in a place where everything awes you. The Grade 1 Palladian mansion and gardens are maintained by the National Trust. The grounds are an array of flowers, woodland, farmland, monuments, bridges, temples and more. If you are looking for somewhere to end your walk, try the lake – it is wonderfully romantic.

Iford Manor Estate

Sited in Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire, Iford Manor Estate is a historic garden designed by Harold Peto over a hundred years ago. There are influences in the garden from across Europe, and it is a site renowned for its Japanese site. One of the most romantic places in the country has to be one of the terraces and the view you will see over the Frome Valley – there is no better place to fall in love.

Scotney Castle

Based near Tunbridge Wells, Scotney Castle, Lamberhurst is a stunning 14th-century castle – complete with a moat. There are many options for your date, from the gardens to the woodland and more. However, if you love history, then you have to check out the castle. It will feel like a fairy tale.

Chatsworth House

One of the more well-known National Trust properties, Chatsworth House, is located in Derbyshire. First, there is the 300-year-old house, which you can tour if you book. However, better still is the 105 acres of surrounding land with rock gardens, sculptures, water features and even a maze. It might be a good idea to stick to the signposted walking trails on your first date, as getting stuck in a maze with someone you decide you don’t like is going to be a tricky situation.

Chelsea Physic Garden

Chelsea Physic Garden is a strange place in many ways. First, it is an absolute oasis of calm in the middle of busy London. You would not tell in the heart of the garden that you are in the centre of the capital city. Second, it is also a place of medicine and science, as opposed to merely beauty. A garden was established to grow and study plants for medicine and still contributes to ongoing scientific study. Finally, there is a lot to keep a conversation going in this garden – not least the more than 5000 plant varieties available to view.

Buscot Park

With a house, extensive woodland filled with walks, and the water gardens and Italian architecture, Buscot Park is stunning. It is built for dating couples, as it is drenched in romance. Check out the woodland avenues for any intimate moment of your walking date; it will last in the memory more.

The house and gardens have a chequered history, as a past owner was driven to bankruptcy in his desire to create the very model of an agricultural estate. Fortunately, with the twists and turns of history, Buscot Park made it into the hands of the National Trust.

Belvoir Castle

Another castle, another fairy tale location. Belvoir Castle is in Grantham, Leicestershire and is home to many gardens focused on different themes. The Japanese woodland is a place of tranquillity, and the spiral walk a focal point. You can spend your date exploring the cultivated gardens, or you can take one of the trails that wind out into the landscape. Alternatively, you can sit down in the Engine Yard centre and enjoy a coffee and some eye contact as you continue to enjoy your time together.

Walk your way to happiness!

Walking in one of the UK’s most beautiful and historic locations is the perfect date. Walking side by side and with the chance to hold hands, this has to be one of the more romantic ways to spend your date.


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