Creating the Right Impression

Whether you are on-line dating or using a matchmaking company like Pi Society, first impressions are still very important. Do you judge a book by it’s cover? Or are you someone who likes to read the first couple of pages before you buy?

Either way, we instinctively search for signs of body language and facial expressions to gauge the inner state of people and more importantly whether we can trust, rely on and have good time with them. Of course, the winning combination is all three, balanced in the right way. Having a good time with the person is fantastic and very important but it is not enough on its own. Especially long-term.

Don’t try to be anything you are not. Any potential love of your life will want you the way you are – so, no need to be Mr Someone Else. Creating a fictitious persona will simply make your position in your offline dating endeavours untenable.

It’s all about putting across your character. We have spoken to many clients both male and female and the males really don’t like women holding a glass of wine or wearing their sunglasses, they like to see their eyes. Women however don’t like to see men holding up a recent fish that they have caught. They like to see someone smile!

There’s nothing more important than to see someone happy and smiling! What matters is the expression. If you work with a person who knows how to make you look confident in front of the camera – so that you come across as someone who is strong, reliable, believing in your own abilities – and also approachable, warm and friendly – so that other people feel welcome to get in touch and meet, you’ll have the winning combination.

What now?

We have worked together with a number of photographers in the area and have come up with a select few that we trust.