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Proud to have introduced 36 couples!

Proud to have introduced 36 couples! It has now been 2 years since I began my journey with Pi Society. It all started at the Exeter Cookery school on 27th April 2017 with nearly 100 people celebrating the launch and finding out about a new and exciting venture to change the way we meet people […]

Happy International Pi (π) Day

Today is International Pi Day! As academics across the world prepare for the festivities, here’s everything you need to know about International Pi Day…But we are celebrating it too! What is Pi Day? The maths event celebrates π, the term used to describe the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, commonly shortened to […]

On-line dating is on the decline – Fact

Dating for so many people explains it as a jungle out there, and they don’t have the confidence or self-esteem or even feel comfortable with themselves to meet others and the internet doesn’t help, it makes them feel more insular and lonely.  Being with others gives them hope and inclusion that we all need. Loneliness […]

Single? Are you missing a trick?

I’ve spoken to a lot of single females and the feedback I hear is always the same – ‘everyone seems to just want a pen pal’. If you want to meet someone then just ask them out and make it happen. I think both men and women make that mistake, too much talking and not […]

The Dating Game

I think we can all agree that trying to meet people in this day and age is virtually impossible.  Gone are the days of large society parties, we don’t ‘hang out’ in bars as women, and with the divorce rate now at an all time high, how the hell do you meet a like-minded person?  […]

Is online dating destroying love?

Online dating is now second to one of the most common ways to start a relationship after meeting through friends. But is it fulfilling our dreams – or shattering our impressions of romance? Last millennium 72% of us met our partners at work, university or through networks of family or friends. The other 28%, presumably, […]